Moola Asks Are We All Just getting By?

That is a good question in today’s World, how are we living?

Do we all struggle just to pay our rent and buy food for our families due to the fact that the hourly wage is not enough in the state that you live in?

Do we have unions dues to pay that cuts your hourly wages to under minimum wage? How is that legal?
If we are being forced to pay union dues each week out of our checks should our hourly wage not be increased to cover those union fees?

Food for thought…..

Some of you do not remember my friend MOOLA, he is a fish that says the real things that people are afraid to say and so they only think it. He does not care what anyone thinks, he wants people to open their minds and think outside of the box.Moola is Back

So the other day Moola said to me (really) You know it is bull that people are either being paid the same or paid more and they are not doing their share of the work load (I was like damn man you hit the nail on the head)
He went on to say that all workers should be doing the same amount of work and that management all management needs to stop being afraid to cut the hours of the people not holding their own. There are to many people out there that want jobs and making one person cover the load is very straining and then still nothing is done to correct the situation just excuses are given.

I am sure you know someone that does more then another at their job and there is nothing wrong with over achieving to get promotions, however when you are in a UNION it does not make a difference you get no pay raises or anything until you work several thousand of hours… well some unions are great however these local unions around here are shitty they are making money and the union members are struggling to get by and they are never there when you need them seems they are always on vacation. So what good is the union doing for many?

I know many have called the union and the union rep seems to always be on vacation and so there is no representation when they need it. I always thought being in a Union was supposed to be a “GOOD THING”, however the two unions I am in one old and one new are the same.. the medical is shitty the service is shitty. how can you be paying for medical and still have to pay thousands just to see a dentist? the rudeness also when you call the union is something else and I can see why dentists and doctor offices do not want to call the Union I am in.

Moola also said that making a statement and expressing yourself is perfectly OK and that freedom of speech is one of our rights. That does not mean you have the right to disrespect a person with your words, it means you can express yourself regardless if the person(s) you are speaking with agrees with your statement or not, who are they to tell you the way you feel is wrong? They cannot.

Protect your rights and make sure you document everything that you do, people have a way with turning your words around when you are not there to make it look like you are creating problems.

Until the next time, Moola wishes you all a Good Day!

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