SkinnyBody Care…… BEWARE

I joined this only because they showed that people in my down line made purchases or upgraded…

I can say that 50 cents in commissions for 76.00 in purchase (total) was not anywhere to me as a success.

Then once you upgrade the notifications stop on your down line being built… if you do not advertise your link then your down line does not grow… hmmmm

I requested a refund since I still did not have the product, still to this date I do not have their product and they still refuse to give me a refund..

The  tracker  said it was put in my mailbox, however that does not mean it was ever brought into my house, since my mailbox is on the street and my street is well known for our mail getting stolen.

I cannot file a claim with the post office since a gps tracker means nothing.. you have to actually put insurance on the item in order for it to be replaced.. I asked them why they do not insure an item that is 66.00???

They are now ignoring me… thinking I am going away. I am not going away and I will get my money back. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB, I will also file a complaint with the AG of my state since they can stop them from selling anything in my state.

I asked them for the owners name and also their lawyers info and they still have not given me that.

Paper trails I have and I love keeping all of the emails form this company that shows how they think they do not have to follow the law.

SO anyone if you have joined Skinny body care and are paying out more then you are making think about how they mislead you.

I am never going to mislead people into thinking they can just sign up and presto they will have a money making down line.. that is not true. the truth in advertising is still a must.

I am seeing a whole lot of people  mislead people just to get them to join this company so I think the company needs to pull in the reins and get everyone  in line.

If the company is  doing  so well, why cant they refund my money,. or they need to send me the damn product and make sure it gets put in my hands.

When I get my money refunded I will post and let everyone  know.

I think they need to show you how much in commissions that you have earned prior to you upgrading, what is the big secret unless  they are looking for people to put in your down line after the fact…

If a company is doing so good why would they hide the so called commissions that belong to you? does not make sense.

I have been dealing with this mess for over a month now.., once again they think if they do not respond to my emails or they respond with a standard response well I am not going anywhere. the truth hurts and the truth is I do not have their product and they have decided to keep my money when I have been asking for a refund for over a MONTH AND HALF..

I have done everything I am supposed to do when my mail is missing I notified the post office and  the rest is on them. Skinny Body Care has no right to tell me  I am shit out of Luck… and unless they can prove I have their product in my home they need to refund my money… I am not going anywhere once again. I want my money refunded and I will get my money refunded.

This is no way to run a business or handle a business… Paper trails are a must when you see a company is not being honest. Sooner or later the darkness comes to light …

My friends who are in SBC and think you are doing good.. please add you monthly fees and auto shipments all up verses what you have made in commissions, are you really doing good????







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