Charmed, “The Day The Magic Died”, Blooper

This is a small clip from charmed, watch Page's shirt. One minute her ruffles are on the RIGHT side then the next they are on the LEFT. Let me know what ya think! I may re-do this one! (sorry clip is a little crappy)If you didn't like this blooper DON'T COMMENT and tell me this…

Charmed – Prue’s death

i dont know why, but they took away the audio for a copyright but it was my own edited audio and i dont have it anywhere so the video is ruined now.. 🙁 wish i could bring it back but i dont know how.

Charmed Season 1 Opening Credits

This is a charmed opening credits that i made of season one, enjoy, and ask before you steal…. i mean ask me if you want to use it.


charmed Music Video One Way or Another dont forget…… leave me a comment ok see u thanks for watching my video tell me what u think thank u