Greenleaf – Agents Of Ahriman (2007) (Full Album)

Formed by Dozer guitarist Tommi Holappa, Greenleaf is among the best damn beer-drinking stoner rock you'll ever hear out of Sweden. Yes, Sweden, land of death metal, ABBA, and rubbery fish candy. You'd just as easily peg the scruffy-looking foursome as Virginian, as on Agents Of Ahriman, they sound more Southern than the South themselves.

Unfazed at the prospect of writing big, meaty riffs that bring to mind all kinds of '70s rock exuberance, Greenleaf embrace the this kind of super-catchy, unabashedly masculine songwriting (see "Alishan Mountain"). They're definitely treading on worn ground, or a well-paved road, as many of their songs seem to revolve around highways ("Highway Officer," "Black Tar," "Ride Another Highway"), but Agents sounds fresh and authentic. If anything, their approach, free of any tongue-in-cheek, self-conscious hipsterism, may be their greatest asset. That and supreme songwriting ability.

Full length album from Greenleaf. Very good record. Enjoy!

1. Highway Officer – 0:00
2. Treehorn – 4:11
3. Alishan Mountain – 9:01
4. Black Tar – 13:26
5. The Lake – 16:53
6. Agents Of Ahriman – 21:29
7. Ride Another Highway – 25:17
8. Sleep Paralysis – 27:59
9. Stray Bullit Woman – 34:06

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