Hawaiian Rolls and hair and OH!!!

So today I purchased Paulos’s favorite item Hawaiian rolls and brought them home to him and he opened them up an started eating and  then started spitting it out…

There was HAIR inside of the rolls.. YUCK


so I called the company and my goodness they have to do a complete investigation and examine the whole bag before they can send a coupon to  replace the item.

so a fed ex agent will be here tomorrow to drop off a box for me to put it in and then the fed ex agent will be there to pick it back up on Wednesday… WTH?

Umm it is not Paulos’s Hair and it is not my Hair… however I am sure the CIA will check it out also.. LOL

I do not think it is really that serious for them to do all of this jumping through the hoops kind of stuff… so they can sen a coupon  in the amount of 3.00 ?


So how are they gonna investigate this, are they going to each person and making them do a hair check?

oh  the buns he spit out with the hair has to be placed into a ziploc bag…

I think once again this is to much work, Paulos is disgusted, he threw up and brushed his teeth for  almost 30 mins… he is still not feeling good… not that the bun made him sick, the thought of the hair in his mouth and he keeps saying how many hairs did he eat?? I told him really does not matter now..

(I pulled the hair out  of the roll so I could take a pic of it..




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One thought on “Hawaiian Rolls and hair and OH!!!

  1. UPDATED::

    I have not heard anything back since I did what they requested me to do … I did take picutres of the package and stuff they sent to me the very next day and it was mailed back to them the very next day.

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