Do You Make Money Online?

How many of the people who access the Internet work online and really maker enough money to pay all of their bills?

I would really like to see the numbers, since all of the programs I have seen have been gone in less then 6 months sometimes within 2 weeks.

I have seen solid programs that require you to write blogs and you pay monthly to write the blog however I can not see making a living like that .

I sale Buskins leggings online and I barely make any money from it, however I do enjoy wearing the leggings they are very comfortable so I am really not losing any money when I enjoy the product myself.

I also like to blog and discuss the things I do and give reviews on the websites I visit and also the businesses I shop at.

If you have a home business that is legit and can be ran through the database for your states Attorney General’s Office please leave me a comment below and I will review it. Please remember that even if the business is online they have to have permission to do business in each state before doing it.

Paypal is the only processor I will use to pay for things online.What do you use to pay for things online with?

Payza cannot provide services to these States in the USA:
* California
* Massachusetts
* New Hampshire
* New York

SolidTrust Pay cannot provide services to these States in the USA:
* North Dakota
* Texas
* Virgina

As always due diligence is a must when it comes to doing anything online or offline.


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